​​Lowcountry Photographic Club

The Lowcountry Photographic Club


The Lowcountry Photographic Club was formed in the early 1980's.  We have been a member club of the Photographic Society of America.  The purpose of our organization is to foster an interest in photography and provide instruction and encouragement to photographers of all abilities.   All are welcome.  Membership is open to amateur as well as professional photographers.  We are an open forum where each individual has the opportunity to have his/her work seen and appreciated by others.

The advantage of a club such as ours is the one-on-one discussions about photography and the warm, friendly fellowship among members.  But there's more!  At our meetings, various speakers and quality programs are presented.  Field trips and "hands on" programs are provided where instruction gives way to individual techniques and expression.  Members suggestions for new programs and outings are always encouraged.  PARTICIPATION IS OUR MOTTO.