​​Lowcountry Photographic Club

This is the information we provide to the judges to prepare them to judge the Coastal Carolina Fair Photo Contest


The following is basic criteria used by the judges.  Note: While photography is an art form, al art forms are subject to the interpretation of the judges experiences and background.

The scoring is done by three judges scoring on a 3 to 9 scale which provides a possible minimum score of 9 and a maximum score of 27.
9 - tops
8 - superior
7 - well-above average
6 - above average
5 - average
4 - below average
3 - weak

Each of the three judges scores independently of the other and with no discussion of the images allowed.  The scores are displayed electronically behind the judges and recorded by a member of the Lowcountry Photographic Club.  Each print is held in front of the judges and the title is read with no photographer identifying information visible.

Each judge then evaluates each entry as a whole, noting effective application of the principles of fine photography, such as composition, lighting, treatment of subject matter and originality. Negative factors are also considered, such as extraneous subject matter within the image and poorly mounted prints.

Here are some definitions of that the judges look for in an image.
Impact - refers to the graphic impact and/or general interest of the subject.
Format - the orientation of the picture (horizontal or vertical).
Cropping - used to remove too many or distracting elements.
Subject Position - the location of the primary subject in the frame.
Exposure - is the subject over or under exposed
Sharpness - is the main point of the subject in focus.
Depth of Field - the portion of the image that is sharply in focus.​